COVID-19 Vaccination Programme

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COVID-19 Vaccination Programme

Hong Kong International Medical Centre (IMC) has participated in the government's COVID-19 Vaccination Programme.
The following priority groups will be provided with FREE Sinovax – CoronaVac.

Priority Vaccination Groups

1. Persons aged 30 years or above (a maximum of two carers who accompany elderly people aged 70 or above can also receive vaccination)
2. Personnel in healthcare settings and those participating in anti-epidemic related work
3. Residents and staff of residential care homes for the elderly / persons with disabilities and staff of Community Care Service units for the elderly / persons with disabilities
4. Personnel maintaining critical public services
5. Personnel providing cross-boundary transportation or working at control points and ports
6. Staff of food and beverages premises, markets, supermarkets, convenience stores and couriers (including takeaway food delivery)
7. Staff of local public transport service operators (e.g. taxi/bus/public light bus drivers, train captains and station staff)
8. Registered construction workers and other resident site personnel
9. Staff of property management (e.g. security guards, cleaning staff and property management office staff)
10. Teachers and school staff (e.g. teaching and support staff of kindergartens, primary and secondary schools and universities; staff of special schools; and drivers and escorts of school buses and school private light buses)
11. Staff of the tourism industry
12. Staff of scheduled premises under the Prevention and Control of Disease (Requirements and Directions) (Business and Premises) Regulation (Cap. 599F) (e.g. staff of fitness centres and beauty parlours)
13. Students studying outside Hong Kong (aged 16 years or above)
14. Domestic helpers

About Sinovax CoronaVac

You can watch the video on the left to learn more about Sinovax CoronaVac or click "Learn More".